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What is Al Shoumoukh International Academy ?

Al Shoumoukh International Academy is a British Curriculum School established in 2017, to support the community giving the residents of Qatar a choice to educate their children along with strong religious values interlinked with the National curriculum of England.

The school is dedicated to deliver a balanced curriculum, aligned with its core values and ethics. The approach towards learning at Al Shoumoukh is to focus not only on academic excellence but also in helping students develop their character, creativity, values and personal leadership necessary for them to achieve their full potential as global citizens


To present balanced, responsible, confident and internationally-minded young adults, who are capable of making sound decisions based on logic and morality


Al Shoumoukh International Academy is dedicated to delivering a balanced curriculum, aligned with core values and ethics

Our core values

The Four Guiding Principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage
28 A Unique Child
Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured
img1 Positive Relationships
Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships
img3 Enabling Environments
Children learn and develop well in enabling environments in which their experiences to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents / carers
img4 Learning and Development
Children develop and learn in different ways. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities
90 % Brain development before age 5
10 % Brain development after age 5

Meet our Staff

All staff have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.

Kindergarten coordinator
Our teacher for Quran ,Arabic ,Islamic and Character building
literacy and numeracy subject teacher for FS1 & FS2

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Sun — Thu: 7.00 AM — 15.00 PM
Street 1038 Al Wukair, AL Wakrah , Qatar

Dear parents,
We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Suggestions and Complaints Committee and its hotline
In Al Shoumoukh International Academy Kindergarten
we value your feedback and are committed to addressing any concerns or complaints you may have. We have created a comprehensive complaints policy and procedure to ensure that your concerns are heard and resolved effectively. Your opinions are important to us 💕

Here are the steps to follow in the event of a complaint or suggestion:

1. Send messages to Al Shoumoukh kindergarten inquiry line 60007931.
2. ⁠You can contact us by sending a message to our inquiry line, and our team will respond quickly.

3. Fill out the complaint form at reception:* Visit our reception area to fill out the complaint form, providing detailed information about your concerns.

4. Communicate with the psychologist
Mrs. Dalia Abdullah

5. Send an email:
alshoumoukh-kg@education.qa, describing your complaint and providing any details
*Types of complaints:
* We deal with all types of complaints, whether related to academic matters or behaviour. These complaints will be discussed with our dedicated complaints committee.
Members of the Complaints Committee:
Kindergarten Director: Mrs. Zunira Faisal
Psychologist : Dalia Abdullah
– Islamic teacher: Mrs. Hanan Muhammad

We would like to emphasize that your opinions and suggestions are crucial to us. We care about your views and always strive to improve the school to create an optimal learning environment for your children.

Effective communication with parents is one of our main goals, and we are committed to working in close cooperation with you to ensure the success and well-being of your children at Al Shoumoukh International Kindergarten 💕

We thank you for your cooperation with us ♥️.



السادة أولياء الأمور الكرام
يسرنا الاعلان عن إنشاء لجنه المقترحات و الشكاوي و الخط الساخن التابع لها
في روضة أكاديمية الشموخ
الدولية، نقدر ملاحظاتكم ونلتزم بمعالجة أي مخاوف أو شكاوى قد تكون لديكم. لقد أنشأنا سياسة وإجراءات شاملة للشكاوى لضمان أن مخاوفكم تُسمع وتُحل بفعالية. تعتبر آراؤكم مهمة بالنسبة لنا 💕

إليكم الخطوات التي يجب اتباعها في حالة وجود شكوى أو مقترح :

1. *إرسال رسائل إلى خط الاستفسارات الخاص بروضة الشموخ 60007931 يمكنكم الاتصال بنا عبر إرسال رسالة إلى خط الاستفسارات الخاص بنا، وسيقوم فريقنا بالرد بسرعة.

2.ملء استمارة الشكوى في الاستقبال:* زوروا منطقة الاستقبال لدينا لملء استمارة الشكوى، وتقديم تفاصيل مفصلة حول مخاوفكم.

3. *التواصل مع الأخصائية
* السيدة / داليا عبد الله لمناقشة

4. *إرسال بريد إلكتروني: alshoumoukh-kg@education.qa ، ووصف شكواكم وتقديم أي تفاصيل
*أنواع الشكاوى:
* نتعامل مع مختلف أنواع الشكاوى، سواء كانت متعلقة بالأمور الأكاديمية أو السلوك. سيتم مناقشة هذه الشكاوى مع لجنة الشكاوى المخصصة لدينا.
* عضوات لجنة الشكاوى:*
مديرة الروضة :
السيدة زونيرا فيصل
– الأخصائيه :
السيدة داليا عبد الله
– معلمة التربية الاسلاميه : السيدة حنان محمد

نرغب في التأكيد على أن آراؤكم واقتراحاتكم محورية بالنسبة لنا. نحن نهتم بوجهات نظركم ونسعى دائمًا لتحسين المدرسة لخلق بيئة تعليمية مثلى لأبنائكم.

التواصل الفعّال مع أولياء الأمور هو أحد أهدافنا الرئيسية، ونحن ملتزمون بالعمل بتعاون وثيق معكم لضمان نجاح ورفاهية أبنائكم في روضة الشموخ الدولية 💕

نشكر حسن تعاونكم معنا ♥️.